Annual Meeting and Road Maintenance

Wow, we’ve had a LOT of rain, and there will certainly be more to come this season!

We are scheduling road maintenance as soon as possible.  In recent weeks we’ve made arrangements with the road mowing and grading contractors and we’re hoping to get the work started as soon as we can be reasonably certain that the worst of the downpours are behind us. We don’t want our newly graded roads to wash out right away, so join us in being patient a little bit longer until we get past the rain.

NOTE:  The date for the annual meeting is Thursday, January 23rd, 2014.

If Everyone Does a Little….

poa…together we can do a lot!  Many of our home owners have stepped up to help out, by mowing along a bit of the roadway beyond their property or helping their neighbors trim overhanging bush.  One of our neighbors even brings me a cold bottle of water when I’m mowing along the roadside.  By volunteering in whatever way you can, you make a big difference to the neighborhood.  When you see someone making an effort on behalf of our neighborhood, take a moment to slow down, smile and say thanks!  It means a lot!

PLEASE NOTE: If you do any work on the road, please keep a record of the time you spend and a brief note of what you’ve done.  Every hour a homeowner spends working on the roads or drainage areas counts towards getting us grant money to fund larger projects.  Make your effort count double!


Everyone in the YCHC POA should be getting a newsletter in the mail this month.  You’ll get caught up on news, and of course you’ll get your annual bill.  We’re hoping to get our collection to a sufficient level to mow and grade this December, so please send in your payment as soon as possible.  Thanks!

The Watershed Management Plan

Hope and Carton mapThe Management Plan for our neighborhood is complete, thanks to the hard work of many dedicated home owners, the St. Croix Environmental Association and the wonderful environmental enginees at Horsley Witten Group in Massachusetts.

This study gives us a comprehensive plan for managing our roads and all of our drainage issues while minimizing cost, erosion and  siltation on the reefs and in the bay into which all of our run-off flows.


The document is 8.13mb in .pdf format and will open in another tab.

Our watershed drains into the East End Marine Park, which is designated a marine protected area and which is funded by NOAA.  Because of its protected status the St. Croix Environmental Association was able to get a grant to fund this study, and we hope we will be able get more help as we address the runoff issues in our neighborhood.


We are setting up this web portal to help get the word out about news relevant to residents and property owners in Estates Yellow Cliff and Hope and Carton Hill.

Let us know what you think!