Lost Contacts

Do you know how to reach any of these owners? We’re almost finished updating the POA records. If you do, please use the contact form above to let us know.  Thanks!

2013 Statements Returned Undeliverable
Updated on 01/19/14

Hope & Carton Hill

Lot#     Owner

H 17     Bernard, Charles & Mary McKenna
H 37     Melanie Meselina Stapleton
H57      George & W. Paulette Markwood
H59      Julie Hogan
H66      Douglas A. Dawson
H 86     Philmore W.J. Knowles
H91      William Clarence Sawyer

Yellow Cliff

Lot#     Owner

Y05      Dave Thomas
Y06      William & Marcia G. Taylor
Y07      Marcia Gilnack Taylor
Y08      Marcia Gilnack Taylor
Y14      Felton Kelly

Unable to Mail – Unable to Obtain Address

H 33     Arnold & R. Gieseler