2017 Annual Meeting

26 January at 5:30pm is the annual meeting.  Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Treasurer Report

Roads –

-Mowed and grade each year for 4 years – Finally stable and in relatively good repair and more easily maintained overall

-Need $$ to do more

-Grants and assistance require resolution of legal questions

-requires $$

-increasingly unfavorable climate for federal assistance

                        -Pass the assessment?

                        -Raise Dues?

Signs –

-Approx 1/3 complete. Pitch in. Fix a post near you and I will mount the new signs.


Trash –

-VIWMA says tipping fees will bring revenue to manage our site better.

Elect new Board Members:


Vice President

Board Member

Annual Meeting 2015

Happy New Year to all our neighbors and friends!  The Annual Meeting is coming up. We will meet at 5:30 pm on Thursday January 22, 2015 at the shanty beside the firestation.  Mark your calendars and hope to see you there!


NOAA and the East End Marine Park are our partners in managing and protecting our watershed…

We are not alone.  As we pursue better ways to manage our watershed and minimize the erosion to our properties and roads, agencies and local partners such as the St Croix East End Marine Park are ready to offer us help and leverage to make improvements to our road network.  Linked below is an interesting article from NOAA recently about the work they continue to do in our area…



The Annual meeting is coming up this week.  We meet on Thursday at 5:30 pm at the shanty beside the fire station.

As you’ve noticed the roads are finally getting some attention.  Be cautious as there may be machinery around any corner during the next few weeks.


See you at the meeting!

If Everyone Does a Little….

poa…together we can do a lot!  Many of our home owners have stepped up to help out, by mowing along a bit of the roadway beyond their property or helping their neighbors trim overhanging bush.  One of our neighbors even brings me a cold bottle of water when I’m mowing along the roadside.  By volunteering in whatever way you can, you make a big difference to the neighborhood.  When you see someone making an effort on behalf of our neighborhood, take a moment to slow down, smile and say thanks!  It means a lot!

PLEASE NOTE: If you do any work on the road, please keep a record of the time you spend and a brief note of what you’ve done.  Every hour a homeowner spends working on the roads or drainage areas counts towards getting us grant money to fund larger projects.  Make your effort count double!


Everyone in the YCHC POA should be getting a newsletter in the mail this month.  You’ll get caught up on news, and of course you’ll get your annual bill.  We’re hoping to get our collection to a sufficient level to mow and grade this December, so please send in your payment as soon as possible.  Thanks!


We are setting up this web portal to help get the word out about news relevant to residents and property owners in Estates Yellow Cliff and Hope and Carton Hill.

Let us know what you think!