It has been a long time since we have had an incident involving dogs in our community, and I thank everyone with dogs for being considerate and responsible owners.

However in the last month we have had two dog attacks. The first resulted in a severely mauled dog which required two surgeries, and the second involved an attack on a homeowner walking a leashed dog along the road.

Please note:

  • Per VI Law all dogs on private property must be restrained, via fence or tether, at all times.
  • Dogs on public or community property must be on leashes 6′ or less in length at all times.

We have a zero tolerance policy toward vicious animals loose in our neighborhood.  All dog attacks will be reported to DPNR and the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center and this association will cooperate fully with any investigation and prosecution that may arise from repeat incidents of animal attacks.

Much Ado about the Dumpsters

There is a meeting scheduled for Tuesday June 10 from 6-8pm to discuss the scheduled closure of the Cotton Valley dumpster site.

There are good arguments to be made on both sides of the scheduled closure.  We benefit from the convenience of these dumpsters on the one hand, yet the condition of the site and the apathy of its users and the VIWMA in maintaining it detract significantly from the value of our community generally and our property values specifically on the other hand.

If you have an opinion, come speak your mind.

Binsite Closure Public Meetings Flyer

More info:

Annual Meeting and Road Maintenance

Wow, we’ve had a LOT of rain, and there will certainly be more to come this season!

We are scheduling road maintenance as soon as possible.  In recent weeks we’ve made arrangements with the road mowing and grading contractors and we’re hoping to get the work started as soon as we can be reasonably certain that the worst of the downpours are behind us. We don’t want our newly graded roads to wash out right away, so join us in being patient a little bit longer until we get past the rain.

NOTE:  The date for the annual meeting is Thursday, January 23rd, 2014.