Get Involved

If Everyone Does a Little, Together We Can Do (and Save) a Lot!

  • Cut  your bush, and a little more…

If a property adjoining or across from yours is overgrown, push back the bush that encroaches on the road. You’ll improve your drive and you’ll help make your POA dollars go farther.

  • Clean out your ditch…

Clean and clear water flow in ditches and through culverts minimizes erosion and lowers our road maintenance costs.

  • Disconnect your driveway…

Driveways, especially paved ones, contribute to the overall runoff and sedimentation burden in our neighborhood.  Taking steps to minimize the runoff from your property adds to the health of your yard and lightens the load on our road drainage system.


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  1. Good job. I love it. Hope our association gets new life so we can get navigable roads! For all the people responsible for the web site, Thank you

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